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Employee Wellness and Assistance Programs

We work with organizations to ensure wellness and wellbeing for staff . Our Employee Assistance and Wellness Programs are designed to support staff through both personal issues and those related to their work. Our expertise ranges from stress, depression, family issues (marital and family conflicts), personal finance, grief, trauma, alcohol, and substance abuse.
We partner with a wide network of referral partners for severe cases. Our referral partners are thoroughly vetted and charge a negotiated rate for our clients. Our objective is to help your staff be the best versions they can be for utmost productivity while at work.

Crisis intervention

In a time of change and uncertainties, we support organizations' staff to overcome traumatic and change related anxiety events with up to 5 counselors within 24 hours and scaling the number of counselors by day based on need. All while leveraging our vast network of referral partners.
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Employee Wellness & Assistance Programs

We deliver a comprehensive approach to addressing employee needs so that organizations stay ahead of workforce issues, enabling them to maximize productivity and contain costs. Each program will be tailor made to fit each organizations’ precise needs, and will remain fluid to modification based off data and effectiveness.
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Leadership Support and Coaching

In collaboration with clinical, consulting and coaching experts, this service focuses on supporting managers in their existing relationships with employees and provides them with professional help & training to guide their approach to effectively handling new or difficult people management issues.
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Staff Assessments & Psychometric Testing

Our tests are standardized psychological measurements of knowledge, abilities, attitudes or personality traits. Each test is computerized with invigilators accredited internationally.
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Managerial Consulting Services

Managers and supervisors have access to a team of professional managerial coaches and counselors who are able to assist with queries regarding people management issues.
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Career Transition Services

We support organizations during internal shifts or restructuring with services covering personal assessments, coaching, upskilling, therapy, financial forecasting and branding training. Additionally, we also support retained employees to adjust to change and find stability.
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Retained Services

All our services are also available on a retained basis, to allow high impact and transformation.
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Be a referral partner

A good Employee Assistance and Wellness Program is hinged on a good referral network. We vet our partners to ensure they meet and exceed customer expectations. Our referral partners uphold the highest ethical standards in psychology practice. Our referral partners are responsive to our referees and retain negotiated rates for our clients as well as with insurance partners. Our referral partners are licensed to practice by the Psychology Society of Kenya.

Join our team

Our team is made up of knights. Knights are strategic thinkers, are disruptive to the status quo, and analytical. Knights are drawn from diverse fields which are core to our business as well as those that are auxiliary to our core business. Particularly, we are always on the hunt for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Data analysts, and HR practitioners. Share with us your resume for our consideration.

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