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People, Culture and Change

With a focus on mergers, acquisitions, takeovers restructuring, and the effects of such shifts to people, we work with organizations to synergize cultures, ways of working, organizational design, systems, and structures for people to be part of the success of these transactions. As a stakeholder in the deal process, we promise to offer:

People due diligence

We execute a people-oriented audit to evaluate people risks and opportunities for all parties involved in the deal process. During this phase, we dig for information to understand parties’ workforce strengths in skills and competencies, payroll synergies, organizational design, and culture integration.
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Culture Identity

We support organizations to know their culture identity, evaluate gaps with a cuture audit and map reculture to align people with the business objectives. This is through our made to measure approach to know your business, know your strategy, know your people and hand hold you through culture change processes.
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Learning & Development

We work with organizations to support organizational learning and development through applying the psychology of adult learning and design thinking. We curate learning content informed by an organization’s unique dynamics such as age, gender, and intergenerational dynamics. Also, supporting the utilization of Learning Management Systems (LMS) with custom instructional design, animation, and voice-over talent to seamlessly execute learning initiatives and aid knowledge transfer.
Our initiatives succeed for both short-term and long-term initiatives with a three sixty-degree approach from learning needs assessment, learning needs plan, learning execution, and its embedding in processes such as performance evaluation for long-term impact and evaluation of success.
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Headhunting & Recruitment

We work with organizations to help them acquire unicorns in a blend of skills, competencies, and temperaments vital to lead and sustain organizations going through a change process. Our approach entails strategic recruiting techniques, psychometric evaluations, and thorough background checks on candidates we place. All our placements have a proven track record and demonstrated expertise to drive the success of the change.
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Psychometric tests

We support organizations to make informed people decisions with our comprehensive psychometrics test. With our psychometric test, make informed people decisions for recruitment, progression, team changes, and team realignment. Our psychometric tests evaluate the respondent 360 degrees to give you team dynamic insights such as; competency analysis, drive, emotional regulation, task delivery, teamwork, and customer service orientation.
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Outplacement Services

We work with organizations going through retrenchment, layoffs, and restructuring by offering psychosocial support to affected staff. Our intervention through Employee Assistance Programs entails group therapy sessions and personal financial planning for affected staff. All while ensuring minimal to no litigation risk and ease of transition.
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Interim Staffing

For the long-term success of our interventions, we second industrial and organizational psychologists to champion and oversee culture success, change initiatives, and wellness programs. Our secondees are highly skilled and experienced with a blend of psychology and human resources. This service serves as your in-house outsourced service on call to be at your service.
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Anti Harassment Interventions

We support organizations with made to measure anti harassment interventions with corrective and preventative approaches. Our Corrective Approaches include dedicated investigations on workplace bullying,harassment and sexual harassment,Disciplinary handiling for bullying, harassment and sexual harassment while our prventative approaches include sensitization trainings on bullying, harassment and sexual harassment and policy revamps to deter bullying, harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace.
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Whistleblowing Platform (Dedicated to Harassment,Bullying and Sexual Harassment)

Our cutting edge whistleblower platform supports the reporting and investigation of workplace sexual harassment, bullying and harassment to help you achieve harassment free work environments.
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Be a referral partner

A good Employee Assistance and Wellness Program is hinged on a good referral network. We vet our partners to ensure they meet and exceed customer expectations. Our referral partners uphold the highest ethical standards in psychology practice. Our referral partners are responsive to our referees and retain negotiated rates for our clients as well as with insurance partners. Our referral partners are licensed to practice by the Psychology Society of Kenya.

Join our team

Our team is made up of knights. Knights are strategic thinkers, are disruptive to the status quo, and analytical. Knights are drawn from diverse fields which are core to our business as well as those that are auxiliary to our core business. Particularly, we are always on the hunt for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Data analysts, and HR practitioners. Share with us your resume for our consideration.

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