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Research and Insights

At the core of what we do, we first gather data and generate insights to identify gaps and propose informed interventions for long term success. Due to labor market data gaps identified, we conduct organizational and industry-based research for managers, leaders, and business owners to make informed decisions for their human capital.
We conduct periodic studies related to people in organizations and publish them to inform industry players and decision-makers on prevailing labor market conditions. Our studies range from pay scales by industry to emerging trends in the future of work in a Kenyan and African context.

KHC data portal

Our data portal is a platform (Alpha) for sharing research materials and data with industry experts and players. The platform hosts e-research tools that enables HR managers to administer customized surveys to employees at an optimal cost and short turnaround time. The platform also hosts geospatial data on indicators like geographical distribution of salary scale, labour demand and supply.
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We position ourselves as labour market research specialists invested in innovating new research methodologies and audit processes using the most current technologies. We deploy off shelf approaches to dig up data insights for employee engagement, culture scans and People challenges that may not be visible on the surface.
We have a pool of highly qualified team of data and insights specialists in bespoke data acquisition techniques, research design and statistical modelling who comprise of data and business analysts and scripting executives.
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KHC Analytics

Knightwise Analytics is utilizing behavioural economics, machine learning techniques, and predictive models to explain supply and demand-side trends in the labor market and the behavior and movement of human capital.
The analytics team also offers clients options by creating bespoke dashboards utilizing different technologies.
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KHC Research

KHC is data driven and therefore at the forefront in data collection through primary and secondary research. We collect data and analyse for 3 main reasons:
1. To inform interventions, track progress and measure success of programs and trainings undertaken by KHC’s other 2 facets; People Culture & Change and Employee Wellness & Assistance Program
2. Collect and analyse data on behalf of clients – Fieldwork Agent. We largely specialize in Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey and Salary & Benefit Survey
3. Conduct KHC sponsored data collection in order to labour market related insights through Knightwise analytics
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Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey

Understanding how much your employees are valued and how happy they are, what their expectations are and what they are expecting from the company can be foreseen only through the employee engagement survey, and this can help you to produce suitable solutions.
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Salary & Benefit Survey

Salary surveys serve many purposes, ranging from wage determination to competitiveness in the marketplace to internal salary equity concerns as they arise.
Compensation analysis is vital to providing fair, equitable compensation. Smart organizations know that providing the right compensation is one of the key pillars to attract and retain the best talent. A thorough compensation analysis provides the data and insights for critical decisions as it relates to salaries and total benefits for employees.
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Geographic Salary Structures

Given that the Geographic salary structure is a widely used tool in the market today, Knightwise Human Capital Ltd is creating an Alpha version of it for Kenya.
Creating a geographic wage structure often involves one of three methods:
1. City
2. County
3. Region
Although a county or regional strategy may seem to be more straightforward, it can result in underpaying or overpaying in areas that are very competitive.
A city strategy, which enables a corporation to manage geographic pay by the city office location, is typically regarded as a best practice.
It might not seem realistic to differentiate by city when a company operates in numerous cities across Kenya or even the entire world.
One of the main challenges we believe KHC will be able to overcome with the help of the Geographic Salary Structure tool is developing a geographic pay scheme that is considerate of business demands, the current regulatory environment, and market pay rates. Through the use of this tool, we will be able to give our clients important insights.
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Be a referral partner

A good Employee Assistance and Wellness Program is hinged on a good referral network. We vet our partners to ensure they meet and exceed customer expectations. Our referral partners uphold the highest ethical standards in psychology practice. Our referral partners are responsive to our referees and retain negotiated rates for our clients as well as with insurance partners. Our referral partners are licensed to practice by the Psychology Society of Kenya.

Join our team

Our team is made up of knights. Knights are strategic thinkers, are disruptive to the status quo, and analytical. Knights are drawn from diverse fields which are core to our business as well as those that are auxiliary to our core business. Particularly, we are always on the hunt for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Data analysts, and HR practitioners. Share with us your resume for our consideration.

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